Do you see an error message coming from your desktop or laptop computer? Is it keeping you from completing simple tasks or important work? Even the most seasoned computer professionals feel frustration when faced with a computer that’s acting up. As your local computer repair business, MP Computer Services wants to help you. Here are five helpful troubleshooting tips for computer errors:

  1. Connection problems – A poor or non-existent internet connection is often the main culprit behind computer problems. If you see an error related to connectivity pop up, check your modem and the internet protocol suite (TCP/IP stack).
  2. Cable disconnection – Do you use a wired network? If you’re experiencing issues, make sure to check the cables that connect your devices. Taping your cables to the floor can help you avoid accidental tugs that cause disconnections. Inspect the cables regularly to see if they’re plugged in or damaged.
  3. VPN connection issues – For those using a PC, you may see “error 800” pop up on your screen. But don’t panic! This just means you’re having issues with connecting to your VPN server. The issue can stem from a variety of problems, such as a firewall blocking a client from gaining access to the server. Or it could be that the VPN name was entered incorrectly.
  4. IP address complications – IP address problems usually arise if one person is trying to set up an address that’s already in use by another device or computer.  When this happens, you may not be able to connect the new device or you may experience problems with any devices that are already connected.
  5. Network name confusion – Finally, if you start your computer and it can’t connect to the local network, you may be experiencing duplicate network name problems. Changing your computer’s name may resolve the issue.

Is your computer still giving you trouble and you’re not sure what to do? Call MP Computer Services today. As your local provider of computer repair services, we’ll check up on your computer and fix it for you.