While technology makes our lives easier in many ways, it also provides opportunities for bad guys to take advantage of innocent people. Take malware, for example. While today’s computers are faster and easier to use than ever before, they’re vulnerable to a growing number of viruses, spyware, and other destructive programs. Although you should only trust a professional computer repair service in Rock Hill, SC to remove malware, it is important to know what you’re up against. Here are six types of malware that MP Computer Services wants you to watch out for:

  1. Adware – Adware is annoying. Pop-up ads on websites are one example. In most cases, adware is one of the least destructive types of malware.
  2. VirusesComputer viruses act just like the viruses that make you sick in real life. They attach themselves to your clean files, and then spread throughout your system. You can even pass them to other computer users if you share infected files. If a computer virus is left unchecked, it can cause serious damage to the core of a computer’s system.
  3. Spyware – As the name suggests, these malware programs spy on you. Some of the more dangerous ones might attempt to steal your personal information, like credit card numbers and personal identifiers like Social Security numbers.
  4. Trojans – Trojans are very sneaky types of malware, disguising themselves as safe programs or files. Sometimes they can sneak into your machine through legitimate programs.
  5. Worms – Worms spread through major networking systems, including the internet. Once a worm gets into your computer, the virus will use your machine to spread to another user’s system.
  6. Ransomware – This type of malware is making lots of headlines and is one of today’s top threats. In fact, it’s nicknamed “scareware.” Through ransomeware, a hacker can completely shut down your computer, and block your access to it until you’ve paid some sort of ransom.

If you suspect that malware has infected your desktop or laptop, don’t wait to look for computer virus removal near you. The staff at MP Computer Services in Rock Hill, SC is standing by to remove malware and fix any other issues you may have. Call now to see how we can get your computer back to working as it should.