The holidays are the perfect time to purchase a brand new computer for yourself or someone else. However, with new developments in technology hitting the market all the time, finding the right computer can be difficult. As your local service offering computer repairs in Rock Hill, SC, MP Computer Services has some tips for you on how to find the right computer this holiday season:

  1. Desktops vs. laptops – Before you do anything, you need to determine which type of computer you want. If you’ll use it in one location or prefer a larger screen, you may want to choose a desktop. If your work requires you to be on the go, you might prefer a laptop.
  2. Operating system – Once you’ve determine the type of computer you need, it’s time for the second biggest decision: the operating system. It’s always good practice to pick an operating system you’re very familiar with and to consider the type of work you’ll be doing. The two most popular operating systems choices are: Windows for PCs and OS X for Macs.
  3. Processor speed – If you want to download high resolution files as quickly and easily as possible, you’ll want a fast processor. Today’s processor speeds are measured by the number of cores.
  4. Random access memory (RAM) – The more RAM you have, the faster and more efficient your computer will be. Most computers come with a sufficient amount of RAM, but you add as much as you can afford in order to get the best machine possible.
  5. Hard drive – Do you need a computer with plenty of space to store files? If so, look for a large hard drive or purchase an extra external one.

When you need advice on buying a computer – or need computer repairs on a machine you already have – call MP Computer Services. You can rely on us for prompt and professional service from local technicians right here in Rock Hill, SC. Whenever you need help with your computer or printer, know that our computer service is always here to serve you.