There’s nothing more irritating and time consuming than a computer that runs slow. It can keep you from getting your work done and can make it nearly impossible to complete even the simplest of tasks. But what can you do to get it to run faster? As a local provider for computer repair near you in Rock Hill, SC, MP Computer Services can help. Here are several simple tips for speeding up your computer:

  1. Perform a virus check – If you have virus protection installed on your computer, run a scan. Viruses are known for slowing down a computer’s processes and they can be rather difficult to find and remove. This is not the time for at-home computer repairs. If you suspect you have a computer virus, bring your machine to our local computer service so we can help.
  2. Clear up disk space – A nearly-full disk can also cause your computer to slow down. Just like your closet, your computer will have items that need cleaning out from time to time. Uninstall programs or software you don’t need anymore and erase old files. Use an external hard drive to store photos, videos, and other files that take up lots of space.
  3. Reorganize your computer’s hard drive – Your computer’s hard drive may need some maintenance, too. Over time, data in your hard drive will become more fragmented. This means your hard drive will strain itself as it tries to access this information. Defragmenting your hard drive will help it reorganize its data. Our computer repair technicians can help you with this task.
  4. Update your drivers – Drivers help devices, like keyboards or printers, to communicate with your computer. But when drivers are out-of-date, they can slow down your computer and the devices they control. By updating your drivers, you can increase speed all the way around.

Have you tried everything and your computer is still running slowly? The team at MP Computer Services can help. We offer reliable computer repair near you and can get your laptop or desktop back to working properly. Call our Rock Hill, SC office today!