We rely on computers for so many of our daily tasks. No matter how hard we try, sometimes things happen to these important machines. You could have problems with your hardware or you could have issues with the systems that make your computer work. Viruses are one of the most common issues computer owners face today – and the threat grows each and every day. While you know that computer viruses cause annoyances like a slow-running machine, they can also be very dangerous. A virus can delete your data, steal personal or financial information, and infect other computer users in your networks. MP Computer Services provides computer repair in Rock Hill, SC, including virus removal. Here are four steps you should take if you believe your computer is infected:

  1. Don’t ignore the warning signs – If your computer is running slowly or behaving oddly, be wary. While computers can slow down over time for a number of reasons, sudden computer changes are good indicators of a virus. The longer you ignore the warning signs, the greater the chances that your personal information could be stolen.
  2. Get it serviced – Although a computer virus requires immediate attention, never try to handle a virus yourself. Treat your computer like you treat yourself. You go to the doctor when you’re sick and you should send your corrupted computer for computer repair in Rock Hill, SC.
  3. Install antivirus software – After your computer is repaired, talk to the experts about installing antivirus software. These tools will protect your machine from a virus and warn you of any threats.
  4. Scan your system regularly – Once you have an antivirus program installed, you should run scans as part of your ongoing maintenance. These scans will search all of your computer’s data for viruses that may have piggybacked on a downloaded file or through an email. If you get an alert from your computer about a virus threat, act immediately to block any action from taking place.

Do you think your computer has a virus? Call MP Computer Services for computer repairs near you, including virus identification and removal. We’ve provided expert computer repair in Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC since 1996.